Male Nurses

According to a recent survey, around 5.4% of the 2.1 million employed nurses are men. This statistic is significant because it proves that the age-old stereotype of nurses supposed to be for females is losing ground. Young people from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to become nurses, whether or not they are female.

When someone says a male nurse is strange, he should get a reality check. The truth is that a growing percentage of the population understand that nursing is not limited by gender. In fact, there are a lot of things that male nurses can contribute. For instance, male nurses are more physically capable of carrying patients when no stretcher or wheelchair is available for transport. This cuts the work of most hospitals that do not have the budget to hire a few more hands to do the job of transferring patients from room to room if carrying them is an option.

Any male nurse would tell you that being male in a predominantly white female profession is tough. For starters, there are still many people who take a second glance when they see a male nurse. Some people do not see a male nurse as “real” nurse. But this does not mean a male individual is less qualified for the job. Quite the contrary, many male nurses are showing exemplary performance in this field.

The thing is, as more men come into the nursing profession, the more they will get accepted. The more men take the nursing profession seriously, the more widely accepted this reality would be.

And why would a person want to become a nurse despite the misconceptions? It’s because the nursing profession is already an in-demand profession. Everyone wants a piece of it because of the pay and because of the many opportunities for growth.

If you think male nurses are not manly, think again. I always have the utmost respect for people who go against the tide and pursue a career path that isn’t the norm. And they get rewarded well with the best pay in the industry, usually reserved only for big shot executives in other fields.

Stereotypes of nurses as being female should be eradicated, especially since there is a drought of good nurses around. Men in the nursing profession has progressively increased with a lot of men realizing that this profession is right up their alley. The academic requirements are never really geared toward females exclusively, and the job description is the same. Men should also work to get rid of the old stereotype about male nurses being homosexual.

For many decades, nurses were considered the helpers of physicians, which never changed. And it is never stated anywhere that medical helpers need to be females. The good thing is that society is gradually accepting males as nurses. The same level of respect is granted for a male nurse’s professionalism.