The New Look of Nursing Scrubs

Nursing scrubs are more than just a uniform that nurses wear. The nursing scrubs are made for nurses to wear to protect them as they do their work. In the past, most nursing scrubs were just colored blue or green. Now, nursing scrubs are available in different colors and design. Nursing scrubs are also now made by popular clothing brands and are available in department stores, unlike in the past.

Hospital Rules on Nursing Scrubs

While nurses now have choices in what scrubs to wear, a nurse cannot just pick a nursing scrub they want and wear them at work. Some hospitals implement some rules on what the nursing scrubs should be. Some hospitals require that a certain color coding be followed where the color of the scrubs would indicate where the nurse is assigned. Other hospitals use color coding for the rank of the nurse. While there are also some hospitals that require a certain color of nursing scrub should be used in certain areas. There are also some hospitals that are liberated and are not very strict at what the color of nurse scrubs should be. Some hospitals also require that the nursing scrubs should be made in a certain way or made in a certain kind of fabric. Because not all hospitals implement the same rules when it comes to the nurse’s scrubs, it would be best if the nurse checks what the hospital rules are when it comes to nursing scrubs.

Nursing Scrubs: Buying Considerations

While there are many new designs and colors of nursing scrubs that are available, a nurse should still choose what will be the best scrubs for the job. Here are some tips when shopping for a nursing scrub.

1.            Know the Hospitals Requirements – as said earlier, knowing the hospital requirements should be the very first thing to consider when buying nursing scrubs. It would be a waste of money if a newly bought scrub cannot be used because the hospital does not allow that particular scrub.

2.            Personal Preference – the nurse’s personal preference should also be taken in to consideration. It is the nurses who will wear the scrub. If the nursing scrub is not comfortable wearing the scrub, their work might be affected. Of course, the personal preference should also go along with the hospital requirements.

3.            The Cost – the nursing scrubs should not be too expensive. There are some hospitals that will just deduct the cost of the nursing scrubs on the nurse’s salary, while there are also some hospitals that will allow the nurses to buy their own nursing scrubs.

4.            The Materials – there are two options for nursing scrubs materials: pure cotton or a blend of polyester and cotton. Pure cotton is more comfortable while the blend of polyester and cotton is more durable. The nurse should choose what they think will be the best material for them.

Nursing scrubs are not what they used to be. Instead of the old dull nursing scrubs available, nurses now have choices to choose from.

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